Deaf and numb

Deaf for Words
The ultimate Vacuum
Ears Function
The Understanding

Losted in the Crowd
Pleasure of Nothing

Blind for Facts
Neglance of Reality
Eyes Function

The Hyenas bites themselves
in the Weakness of the Victim

The Nature
With Her


Dominic said...

Dear Korpus,

Greetings from India.

I am an Indian Catholic Christian Blogger.

I would like to ask you a question, with regard to your Post on Filippo's Blog with regard to Scarlatti's Mass and Motets.

Were you able to extract the File "Benedictus. MP3 ?

I ask this question, because I was not able to extract it at all.

I got two different messages.

One which said, there is no File to extract and another which said that the File is corrupt.

Let me know if you had the same problem.

Kor said...

why you say youre cristian?
religion is not really my subject if you wanna know.

I had no problem with opening the files.
i donno you can ask fillipo to upload again or i can do that to if you like.

Ludwig said...

q haces Korpus, son interesantes los poemas q pusiste. imagino seran tuyos. buenos d verdad.

llegue aca por el blog leroisamuse.

estas en mis f/f

ludwig, castelar.

Korpus said...

Si si si son mis poemas.
gracias por el comentario!