A tender Weeping
This Silence - Tells All
The expression on my Lips
But these Tears

Remember, that your Hand
Was promised as a reward for my Love
Give the Last drop of Blood
When they Dragged you at my Feet
With Chains and Covered with Wounds

Your Voice
Respond in my Heart
You are no Longer Alone upon this Earth
Always Togheter
We will always be United
We will Fight Together for Glory

Let Fortune Smile
I will Share Death and Victory with You
I shall be the Happiest man that ever Lived

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treebeard said...

Hi korpus, I lost your blogadress a while back, glad I found you back again through Stefan's blog. Great writing again! Ik ben opnieuw begonnen met een muziekblog, mijn vorige werden "weggepest", links verdwenen binnen het uur, deze blijft voorlopig nog vrij anoniem. Je bent altijd welkom om eens te komen kijken!