When the angels left,
Psyche was eaten as an dead bird.
Heaven beyond Fire.
The love that dare not speak it’s name

Hands can not touch each other,
Not able to sniff the essence of the body,
The voice of soft words.
Not yet
Enemies of the truth
Black the sorrow
Black the world
My lungs explode
My brain splatter
Fire fire fire.

The unrelenting truth comes up.
The power of confrontation,
We hurt eachother spiritual and physique.
Confrontation is hard.
Her blood is in me.

Missing the lost time
Luck is the state in which you are
When you have the losted a little arround.

The strongest medicine is, victory.

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humppazoid said...

btw - I think You should record Your poetry - authors phrase is the essence of poesia! If You have no tools in You computer - I can share sound forge 6.0 program:)
may I ask You to share following album, please - Sonny Sharrock - Monkey-Pockie-Boo