Here in my hand,
a fistfull icecubes

I squeeze my fingers
to awake warmth
Produce sound

Words of ice
they have to melt
before they can depart from the mouth

Here is my hand
wich I need

To seduce
To love me
For you

Ziek hart

My heart is healthy
That I wish to think
A check up
To be reassured

His heart is sick
That you wish to nobody
Almost nobody

A heart full of holes
By selfhate
Transitirness in full proces
Every part signed
The undressed human
Naked and unprotected
Sick heart


The complaint of the world
Everybody have nailed themselve
At the truth
Truth stands
Prejudice changeable
In time

The flexible human stoned
By thinking negative
The education is permanent
Continuation of the truth
It is what it is

Ashlar on moveable
The mercury dissapears
In every posiblity
Electric Materia